Shampoo Bar Recipe

shampoo bars 2The ‘no poo’ movement has been gaining more and more momentum. Over the years, more people have been joining the cause. I also became aware of the fact that I could be making my own soap, using only ingredients which I like, and which I know are good for me. I would be able to use something which does me all the good, without all the bad.

Here is the thing: I know that I will never find something which is 100% all the time. This changes based on what I eat, by the season, by the day I am having and my work for the day. This all affects my hair and my scalp and my bloodflow. I know that the only shampoos and hair care products which can guarantee the same results, on a daily basis, are ones I definitely do NOT want to be putting in my hair on a daily basis – or ever, for that matter!

A DIY Shampoo Bar was reviewed by Maple Holistics, and they also provided a kind of guide to doing it on your own. This is something which can be altered or changed as needed. To each, his own. There is nothing wrong with making your own shampoo, but it does take a bit of research and experimentation, until you figure out your rythm. Also, as I said, it depends on a bunch of other factors, and those change, too. I sounds difficult, I know, but really it is not as bad as it sounds. And even if it was – let’s grant that idea – it is still worth it. It is worth a lot more than using potenetially harmful ingredients on your hair and scalp every day! I know that people say: meh, it is just hair, and it grows back. Oshampoo bar 1kay, that’s the hair part of it, fine. But the chemicals and other elements get into your bloodstream through your scalp, and they have the opportunity to set up camp in your body and do what they will.

If you are new to no poo, perhaps take the time to do some proper research before you dive in. Use other people’s advice. Find out what type of scalp you have, what type of hair you have, and what works best from the various soaps and oils at your disposal. There is nothing more gratifying – speaking shower-wise here – than using your own products. Things which you yourself have made. Things which you picked out. Ingredients which you know for a fact are beneficial for you, and not ones which some company through together. Now, I am not bashing all companies, I am just saying that there is something more satisfying about using DIY homemade cosmetics products. From shampoos, to conditioners, to bath bombs, and other wash-related stuff – it can all be as natural and as authentic and as personalized as you want. You can grab a recipe from anywhere online, or you can come up with your own based on what you know.

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