Best Friends

best friends 1I had a great best friend growing up. He was so into video games it used to drive me mad, but he was the type of person who could make me laugh at the drop of a hat. We would spend so much time together. We watched so many movies together, went on long walks together, talked about absolutely everything. He really was my best friend. Unfortunately, we lost touch over the years and he was someone I never forgot. I sometimes think about him and what he might be doing with his life, after all he was a huge part of my life.

I remember this one day when we went to the most amazing woods – very close by to where we lived. Oh yeah, I forgot to say that we were neighbors. It was so cool, we’d literally be able to pop over to each-others houses in a matter of seconds which was just awesome and also sucked when we fell out – and we did fall out.

We really did grow up together and he really was my bestest friend. I sometimes wonder if he thinks about me. Anyway, this one day we went for a stroll and it was just magical. We went deep into the woods and we found a huge tree lying flat on the ground. The trunk was massive and we climbed it. It was autumn and the leaves were orange and yellow and red and crispy. We sat on that log for hours and it was just so peaceful. It felt like we had discovered something that was ours and we would go back a few times after that.

There was never a dull moment with him. He was lazy though I must say. I think he suffered with depression as he wasn’t at peace with his home-life. He sometimes got on with his older brother, but I felt like his older brother didn’t really have the time of day for himbest friends 2. I felt like he felt like he got on everyone’s nerves, but he was awesome he really was. Maybe just too sensitive for everyone. He didn’t get on with his stepdad and was an animal person. His mum was kind but used to do everything for him.

He wanted to stay a kid in some ways, he wanted to stay in bed and stay a kid, but the time would come where he would have to grow up and around that time is when we stopped being friends. I do hope he is doing ok. I guess I will never know.

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