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tea tree 7 I have dreads. I have had them for many years, and the only thing I can say is that no matter hair you have, tea tree oil shampoo can be a (hair’s) lifesaver. Quite literally, it can help revitalize everything about your hair and scalp. As long as you use it in moderation, and if you don’t abuse your hair with products and methods, you can get awesome hair that is clean and ready for anything.


Using essential oils is not new to me, but I didn’t discover tea tree oil shampoo (and conditioner), until I stopped combing my hair. I wanted my hair to do its thing naturally, so I needed a crack squad of hair care products who wouldn’t mess up the process. I wanted a good shampoo which would clean my head, but not interfere with the way my hair moving, twisting, tangling, and going about its hairy business.


So, what do I do? I can’t use head and shoulders anymore, but I wanted something which would keep away lice, mice, dandruff, and dinosaurs. Well, a few of those weren’t a real fear… mainly lice and dandruff. Okay, so I went about researching the best shampoos for great looking dreads. What I found actually surprised me. The best shampoos are the kind you make on your own. Any dread products they try to sell you are usually all btea-tree-oil 1ut unnecessary. Different shampoos, gels, and only god knows what else – they are not seriously needed by anyone, and certainly not by those who are opting for the natural route.


I ended up making my own tea tree oil shampoo, and after experimenting with a few formulas I decided on a mixture of tea tree, rosemary, pure Castille soap, and water. This is my go to concoction, and occasionally I will use a baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinse. That’s what the diluted baking soda is used as a 20-minute leave-in shampoo, and the diluted apple cider used as conditioner.

I have been using this method for months, and while my dreads’ moods do change sometimes with the weather, there are no problems which are really bad. I have heard some horror stories about people who messed around with all kinds of products and devices and crochet needles. Bah. A Jedi craves not these things. And if you are planning on going the natural way, or even if you are not, I encourage you to pick up a bottle of tea tree hair care, or experiment and make your own.


Dreadlocks come with a lot of stigma, but I have no problem with that. I grow them for my own reasons, and I have nothing and no one to represent but myself. I wanted to find a shampoo that will be able to fit that slot, and tea tree essential oil came along. It is amazing how many blogs and nonsense writers will tell you to put your hair through all kinds of things, just to achieve a look which is fairly natural. Surely, this is not the way.

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