Treating Dandruff Naturally

beautifulhairextensionSo what do you see when you step into your shower? Aside from that weird spot in the corner that you really should spray some bleach on I mean (don’t tell me you don’t have that weird spot in your bathroom, everyone does). I’m talking about products, what does your shelf look like? I’ve personally got about four different types of shampoos with matching conditioners. There’s actually a reason behind all the extra shampoos that I have. My first bottle of shampoo is a bottle of head and shoulders, that I got when I still had dandruff, obviously with a bottle of conditioner to go with it. I ended up treating my dandruff well before I finished up the bottle, so it stays on the bathroom shelf just in case I ever end up needing it again. The second bottle is my special color strengthening formula shampoo and conditioner.

I used to have dyed hair, but I decided I wanted to go back to my natural blonde hair color instead of using all these different products to keep my hair dark. So that explains the second set on my shelf. My third shampoo and conditioner is the one I bought almost directly after deciding I wanted to go back to my natural blonde hair color, it’s one of those ones that’s meant for weak hair, as my stylist told me my hair might need it after being colored for so long. The last bottle is one that I didn’t really know about until very recently. I was talking to my other friends about my hair woes, how my hair always looks like trash after the summer, being way too light for my tastes, and one of my more cosmetics savvy friends turned me onto purple shampoo. I honestly don’t know how I lived without purple shampoo ( as a blonde for so long.good-hair-day-1

Aside from all the shampoos and conditioners that I have, I have a loofa on a stick. A must have for people who like to keep their backs clean. I also have exactly one bar of soap. No special story behind the bar of soap, it just happens to be I have a brand I like, that I always buy and while I have a couple extra bars in my cabinet, but only one in the shower at a time. Aside from all the cleanliness stuff, I also have my razor in there, for when I want to shave, along with my shaving cream. That’s pretty much everything that’s in there. I have considered maybe getting shower gel, but that doesn’t work so well with my loofa, so I don’t think I’m going to try it out anytime soon. Another thing I’ve been considering is cleaning out the extra shampoos that I don’t use, but I’m a bit of a pack rat, so that’s not the easiest thing for me to do. Either way, the contents of my shower are unlikely to change that drastically any time soon, so what’s in your showers?

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