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The thing with our education system is, we just don’t seem to care anymore. I mean, at one point we may have cared, but as of right now, it’s very hard to say that we actually care anymore. I mean, sure, we have all of these reforms coming out from people like Obama, trying to fix so called wrongs. All of that title nine reform is pretty much the worst thing that Obama could have done, but it was done ostensibly for the people. It really doesn’t matter that the statistics that brought on the reform are completely fabricated or exaggerated. It was Obama’s way of trying to appease the left, not to try and improve the education system. In fact, the education system is probably worse off because of it, as all this reform has done is create a climate of fear within the colleges of America. I would think it is very hard to learn when you know that if you offend the wrong person, they can completely end your life, if not literally then figuratieducation-reformvely. I mean, we’ve definitely seen title nine be abused countless times to pressure a university to punish an innocent student. And if it were up to Obama, it wouldn’t stop there.

For some odd reason he doesn’t seem to understand what the consequences of his actions are, and this is a pretty scary thing to think about the president of the United States. The only reason I brought up Obama, however, was just to show that even though there is education reform (check out great education articles at , it isn’t actually with education in mind. And this is definitely a problem. We have an incredible need for education reform. Despite having higher acceptance rates, and more people going to college than ever before, these people go to college and get useless degrees. And in fact, these degrees are less than useless, as the students leave university with such a large debt that they can’t pay off, that they’re essentially never going to pay off, as they have no work.

Even worse, they then turn around and blame their debt on other people, instead of owning up to the fact that they wasted their money. They have the gall to say that education is their right, even though they aren’t trying to learn anything to contribute to society. As long as our education system is letting people like this out on the street, it is an absolute failure. And the worst part of it, the absolute worst part, is that no one seems to notice that this is happening. Everyone lives their lives and thinks that everything is hunky dory. But one day, probably one day soon, the whole things will go belly up, and when that happens, it will be much too late to do anything about. I hope that whoever wins, whether Hillary or Trump, that they realize that there is a problem with our education system and that they’ll fix it. And also that they won’t keep messing it up for political gain.

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